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Friday Bake

And on Fridays we deliver...

Once a week there's a big black suburban roaming the SouthBay choc-full of warm, fresh baked, insanely delicious smelling goods that we're bringing to your door (or as a gift to the door you request).  

Menus are made up of our standbys (naturally leavened breads) complemented by a rotating cast of seasonally inspired baked goods.  We make sure to hit up the local Farmer's Markets every week to source the freshest, most sustainably produced, and best ingredients we can find to inspire our weekly offering.    

Visit this page every Tuesday morning to see our menu.  Then head on over to the Custom Order page to let us know what your order is.  If you're new, be sure to include your contact information (address for delivery and telephone number for arrival text).  Then sit back, relax, and await your Friday afternoon sweetness.

That's it!

Country Loaf

Our signature loaf, made with wild yeast, organic flour, filtered water, and sea salt.


Olive Batard

The same recipe as our country loaf, but with the savory herby briny addition of marinated Greek olives.  Makes an excellent grilled cheese, and an even better savory bread pudding.


Blackberry Oat Crumble Bars

Kinda like a miniature blackberry crumb pie, but in a hand-holdable square.  With blackberry jam from our friends at the Valmonte Farm & Garden and wholesome rolled oats.  This is one of our favorite ways to snack.  Or enhance the perfect Saturday morning cuppa joe.



A rotating cast that is sold "chef's choice."

3/ea or $28/dozen

Friday Bakes: Catering Services
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