Thanksgiving 2021

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Brown Sugar Apple

The juggernaut of Thanksgiving dinner, our version has roasted apples and slow braised quince tossed with brown sugar and layered into our signature Flaky AF spelt and French butter crust.  Add a scoop of the best vanilla ice cream you can find.

Pear Pomegranate

Our house favorite, this pie is a dark horse candidate but undoubtedly unique.  Warmed with fall spices and caramelized pears, we balance its richness with our tart housemade pomegranate molasses for an unforgettable flavor combo that you'll keep coming back to year after year.  We suggest pairing this one with our creme fraiche whipped cream.

Kuri Squash

We're not fans of Pumpkin Pie.  Yeah, we said it.  But Kuri Squash?  It's the new pumpkin, and it's wayyyyy better.  We roast it off and then add browned French butter with all the spices you know and love.  It's a delightful departure from that boring old gourd and our vanilla bean meringue collar and anise pods are sure to make this one unforgettable pie experience.

Chocolate Chess

Chocolate lovers please identify yourselves.  A southern tradition, we are relative newcomers to the joy that is Chess pie, but wow are we happy to be here.  It's best described as a brownie baked into a pie but with her very own beat and richness.  Deep, dark, and thoroughly satisfying, this one isn't for the faint of heart.