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At Madeline & Kae General Goods, quality comes first. Everything that comes out of our ovens is always homemade from scratch and made with the best ingredients. We can’t wait to break bread with you!


The Country Loaf (pain au levain)


This is our signature loaf, made with organic wheat flour, filtered water, and sustainably harvested sea salt.  Using a two day maturation process and a naturally cultivated starter, this bread illuminates the complexity of sourdough with the nuanced flavor and subtlety of this very simple ancient process.  With a shattering, deeply caramelized crust and a hearty chewy and open crumb inside our naturally leavened loaf is an everyday workhorse that will humbly serve as a backdrop to your morning avocado toast, a base layer for your most creative sandwiches, and even works the sweet angle perfectly as a Sunday morning Pain Perdu.


Baguette de Tradition


Using our trusty sourdough starter, the M&K baguette is a lighter, hand- mixed & formed loaf in the age-old French tradition.  We use organic locally sourced wheat flour, semolina, and a little spelt (cuz we love it so), filtered water, and add a pinch of sea salt.  Just as perfect of an accoutrement to your most beautiful and creative appetizer boards as it is to making the best jambon burr.  We can't seem to make it home with one that hasn't had it's pointy crunchy ends cracked off and enjoyed as a finders fee.


Farm Fresh Pies


M&K's pies are kinda famous round here...  for a reason.  We use the best European butter we can find, organic, sustainably farmed flour, and the best, freshest fruits to accompany gobs and gobs of homemade love in each and every one of them.  Please see our special Thanksgiving menu for more details about season offerings.  And don't forget the whipped creme fraiche topping.


Custom Breakfast Items

prices will vary

We are a tiny little custom bakery that believes in honoring your cravings.  If there's something you're hankering for - say a pecan coffee bean financier for an early morning kaffe klatsch with your tennis league, or a roasted strawberry scone in the early summer months, or a juicy pear frangipane tart as autumn days roll in, or maybe even a roasted honey nut squash and lardons biscuit for your pre-Thanksgiving kids-are-home-from-college dinner, we're here to meet your needs.  Just head on over to our "Custom Order" page and let's chat!  We'll bring the snacks.



prices will vary

Cakes are what started this business and will always be the heart of it.  There is nothing more meaningful than the celebrations of your life moments and we would be beyond honored to be a apart of them.  We love cakes and pies and celebration foods of all sorts in between.  Head on over to our Custom Order page and start the dialogue.  Only a few brave souls will admit it, but EVERYONE loves dessert.

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